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python-gnome/pygtk-extras for Ubuntu?

  • BobSongs

    BobSongs - 2011-01-04

    System: GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, Maverick Meerkat, 10.10
    GRM: 0.13.8 (yes, I know, it's 'old')

    The README file says something called python-gnome and/or pygtk-extras are required by GRM for a nicer print.

    Well, to be honest, my search on Google hasn't been very forthcoming.

    Can I know the Ubuntu/Debian stream names for these to missing packages? What would a user look for?

    The recipe manager's a hit with me and my family. Now, if we can get printing going, that would be a very big bonus.

    Please note: I also encourage others to install and run GNU/Linux. GRM's a plus.


  • tom

    tom - 2011-01-05

    Actually, printing has been completely overhauled in the new GTK, so IIRC the latest Gourmet doesn't require anything but out-of-the-box GRM. I forget when this change happened, though.

    Why are you still using 0.13.8?

  • BobSongs

    BobSongs - 2011-01-10

    I'm using 0.13.8 because it's the first one I knew. The database is filled with recipes that later copies of GRM didn't seem to like. Version 0.13.8 allowed for bold and italic text that, if I'm not mistaken, 0.14.x did not.

    I'd be willing to try the latest GRM, but could you tell me how to uninstall 0.13.8? Installation is

    sudo python install

    How do I get it off so I can test the latest interface?

  • BobSongs

    BobSongs - 2011-01-13

    So, yes: if you could tell me how to uninstall Gourmet Recipe Manager 0.13.8, I'll gladly try the latest version.


  • BobSongs

    BobSongs - 2011-05-29

    So, uninstalling is not an option?

    I have re-installed GNU/Linux Ubuntu 10.10.
    I have installed Gourmet 0.15.4.

    Is there any way to import the database from Gourmet 0.13.x ?

  • tom

    tom - 2011-05-29

    If you install via a package (e.g. rpm, deb), uninstalling is easy. If you install from source, alas, python distutils includes no uninstall option. You can always look at what distutils installs and then remove it (or do a find command to find all references to gourmet and remove the results).

    Regarding import, at every stage of upgrade, Gourmet has included the capacity to upgrade the DB. There was a version in the early 0.15.x branch that had a rather awful bug that hosed the DB - I fixed that bug right away but couldn't convince Ubuntu maintainers to update, so it had an unfortunately long life in the repos. If you ran into that bug, you're likely in trouble, but otherwise, you should be able to install the latest Gourmet and get a clean upgrade. If not, you can send me your .db files and I can take a look to A) fix whatever was broken in Gourmet that didn't allow an upgrade and B) give you your data back.


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