Calories in water

  • KCentauri

    KCentauri - 2007-03-03

    I had a look around already, but coudlnt find anyone else with the same problem
    Water keeps being added to my recipies with nurtritional details of 280 cals per cup, with fat, protein, and everything. Its mucking up my nutritional data to hell, and i cant figure out how to get it to work properly!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Am I missing something simple?

    • tom

      tom - 2007-03-03

      Gourmet doesn't "know" any nutritional info by default -- you have to give it info. In your case, you probably accidentally set water to point to something other than water in the USDA DB. Unfortunately, there isn't yet a tool to let you change a nutritional-info association. Until such a tool is added to Gourmet, your best bet is to use the "keyEditor" tool to change all your water keys to something new (something that doesn't yet have any nutritional info associated with it). For example, you could change from "water" to "water, tap" without any real harm. Once you've done that, Gourmet should allow you to re-enter the nutritional info for water -- or you can just leave it and Gourmet will tell you it is missing info for that ingredient (but as you know, in the case of water, it will make no difference)

    • KCentauri

      KCentauri - 2007-03-04

      Thank you very much. I thought about doing something like that, but wanted to see if it was a known "error" or something.
      The problem was that after I imported recipies, "water" at 280 per cup, was recognised already! So i couldn't even just leave it as unknown.
      Thanks again


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