treebeardent - 2012-01-30

For windows users, here's one way to enjoy gourmet software as a Linux install in virtualbox, takes very little effort but some idle time.
Download and install virtualbox from  Download a Linux distribution, for the most pain free path, download the pinguy Linux, current non-beta version is 11.04  This is the easiest distribution for our purposes, as file sharing between your windows host computer and your Linux guest is 'windows-like' with no extra steps.  Remember the folder where you saved the linux file.     In Windows, created a 'share' subfolder and give it read and write sharing privileges. 
In virtualbox manager, click new, name your virtual machine, OS=linux version Ubuntu give it generous memory say 1/2 of your ram or 1Gb; is ok with less, startup disk, new, dynamically allocated, make it 20GB - this gives your machine room to grow - my virtual machine file size is at 9Gb.  Once the machine is created, virtualbox manager - machine settings, storage, point the IDE controller to the linux iso file you downloaded (you do not need to burn the iso file).  Settings - adaptor - Adapter 2 - select bridged adaptor.  Settings - shared folders, machine folders, selected the windows share folder you made above, full access, automount - this folder cannot be a major windows folder like Public, etc. it needs to be a subfolder you made such as c:/share or whatever.

Start the virtual machine, and your live linux iso will start.  Install by clicking the install icon, just select all the defaults, the virtual machine disk will be formatted and Linux will be installed.  Once finished, the machine may restart, just close down the machine.  In virtualbox manager, machine settings, system, change the boot order to hard drive first, otherwise the CD iso will boot again.

Once logged in to Linux, click the file manager folder on the left (pinguy linux), navigate to the Network and navigate to the shared folder you made in windows.  You will need to know your windows user id and password and workgroup (which may be WORKGROUP - windows start button, right click computer - properties).  This shared folder is used to pass files between gourmet in the guest Linux and windows host - I print from windows as my ancient printer works under Windows but not linux.

To install gourmet, in your linux VM, click on the blue dot top left, package manager, and search for  gourmet - the version listed in pinguy is currently 0.15.7 which is fine.

For those of you who are virtualbox and linux experienced users, I'm using pinguy Linux for this example as samba file sharing is fully installed and ready to go.  You all know file sharing can also be easily enabled in virtualbox without samba and without the bridged network - see the virtualbox forum; for the new linux and virtualbox user, this takes a little more input.  In pinguy Linux, virtualbox guest additions is already installed.