6 ingredient limit

  • DallasSoxFan

    DallasSoxFan - 2008-12-29

    I just installed under XUBUNTU 8.10. It looks like a pretty good program, but I can't put in more than 6 ingredients for a recipe...

    What am I doing wrong, I can't imagine this is by design.

    • DallasSoxFan

      DallasSoxFan - 2008-12-29

      More info...

      It seems the problem is a one-word ingredient. THe recipe I was inputting was:

      Ground Beef
      Taco Seasoning
      Ranch Seasoning
      Rotel Tomatos
      Pinto Beans
      Kidney Beans

      When I changed to "Canned Hominy" and "Canned corn" everything was OK.

      • tom

        tom - 2008-12-30

        This is a bug. What version of Gourmet are you using?

        From your description, it looks like Gourmet is not accepting recipes with no unit and no amount. My guess is that it interpreted "ground beef" with "Ground" as a unit, "taco seasoning" with "taco" as a unit, etc.

        This is obviously not the correct behavior.


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