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  • Rumbly

    Rumbly - 2007-05-01

    I started using GRM and linked each ingredient to the existing shopping categories. Then because I couldn't print the shopping list and the problems with crashing I changed to 0.11.5. Now no crashing and the shopping list prints OK, but the shopping categories have all been modified; so where before it was


    it's now


    If I try to overwrite it, it just adds on another category, which is no good as I've got hundreds of ingredients attached to these modified categories and now a few attached to the (re-modified) original categories. Is there any way to bulk-edit the modified category back to the original format?

    • tom

      tom - 2007-05-02

      The latest Gourmet (0.13.x) has a bulk editor. The other way, if you're a programmer of any sort, is to modify the SQLite database by hand.

    • Rumbly

      Rumbly - 2007-05-03

      Thanks Thomas. I'm using Windows so don't think I can use the latest one. But no hassle, I'm happy with what I've got.

      I'm not a programmer at all (and not much of a cook either!) but it was well worth learning enough to change the database. Have learnt a lot for one day :)

      Thanks again.


      • tom

        tom - 2007-05-03

        Wow! So you did it! Very impressive! If you have any notes on what you had to do, they might help future windows users in your same boat.

    • Rumbly

      Rumbly - 2007-05-04

      Good idea.

      OK, so I downloaded an SQLite Browser because I have no idea how to get the commands to work from the SQLite command-line interface. Much easier to open the recipes.db file using the browser program and see all the tables. Then I took a backup of the recipes.db file before mucking around with it, I almost always forget to do that :)

      Could see that the problem was likely in the shopcats table, so off to the 'browse data' tab and selected shopcats from the menu. Double click on one of the fields I wanted to change, then copied the text from the popup window (you can use this popup window to manually alter the field text but it's one-by-one). This was really important for the change I needed to make, because the SQL thingo wouldn't work when I asked it to change


      It needed to change


      with all the returns included, and I didn't realise until afterwards that the returns were important.

      So then went to the 'execute SQL' tab and put in (I think from memory)

      UPDATE shopcats
      SET shopcategory = "produce"
      WHERE shopcategory = "S'produce'

      And so on for each category I needed to change. It took me a bit of searching to realise that I needed the " around the text to make it work properly. But that was it and it all looks good again.



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