Nutrition Information

  • Anonymous - 2011-04-17

    When I try to activate the nutrition information I get the following error:

    ImportError: No module named GourmetThreads

    You may need to install additional python packages for this module to work properly. If you have a package management system on your computer, use it to search for a package containing "GourmetThreads", such as "python-gourmetthreads" or "gourmetthreads"

    I am using Windows 7. I was using an older version of Gourmet Recipe Manager and the nutrition information worked great. I upgraded to 0.15.4 and now I do not have nutrition information.

  • fawg

    fawg - 2011-05-29

    I also have the same problem, and since I am tech challenged, I haven't any idea how to obtain the package containing "GourmetThreads", such as "python-gourmetthreads" or "gourmetthreads". Can someone help me?


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