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import OLD recipe database failure

  • Stacy

    Stacy - 2006-04-03

    I have installed and re-installed but am unable to import the old database.  I have noticed that this problem has been occurring for some time.  Has anyone figured it out yet?  I'm getting frustrated.  I'm tempted to dump all of my recipes and start all over.
    Help, Please!!!!

    • nanotube

      nanotube - 2006-04-04

      Hmm... there is no release so which one is it that you are trying to install?
      also, as long as you are playing with the "unstable" branch, why not try the latest, and see if the problem has been resolved?
      and another also - if you post the exact error message that you get when importing, that might be helpful, as well. :)

    • armin

      armin - 2006-04-28

      I just installed ver. 0.11.1 over ver. and after starting the program I get the following error pop-up. After clicking 'OK' the program exits.

      Database Connection failed.

      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/usr/share/gourmet/", line 417, in init_recipes
        File "/usr/share/gourmet/", line 57, in check_for_data_to_import
        File "/usr/share/gourmet/", line 210, in import_backup_file
          action = da.adapt(table_name,row)
        File "/usr/share/gourmet/", line 103, in adapt
          return self.adapters[table_name](table_name,row)
        File "/usr/share/gourmet/", line 153, in handle_recipe
          crow = {'id':row['id'],
      NameError: global name 're' is not defined

      It seems that there is a problem importing the data from the previous version.

      Thank you in advance for your help.

      • tom

        tom - 2006-04-28

        This bug has already been reported and fixed in CVS HEAD -- I just need to get around to packaging this up and you'll have a fix.

    • armin

      armin - 2006-06-18

      any news on this? thanks.

      • tom

        tom - 2006-06-18

        Have you tried 0.11.2? According to my previous message, I'd put the fix in CVS as of April 28th, and the 0.11.2 release was made on May 1st, so I assume the issue was fixed as of that release.


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