Can't import a web page

  • cshabazian

    cshabazian - 2006-04-22

    Every time I try to import a webpage into Gourmet, it gets the description and instructions just fine, but no ingredients (on allrecipes).  Other sites also work with various levels of success, but none of them work correctly.

    I'm running xp, and using the latest gourmet with the full_gtk install (

    Where should I start looking to debug and correct this?

    • tom

      tom - 2006-04-22

      importers/html_plugins/ is the right place to look for the code to webpage plugins.

      Non-supported pages will bring up a generic importer page (without support for images on Windows at the moment) which lets you identify the various sections.

      Long-term, it would be great to merge the manual importer with the automated ones, since the automated ones will always fail -- we could do automated mark-up and then ask for user confirmation or somesuch.

      Short-term, you can always fiddle with the definitions in html_plugins/ to get scraping working properly.

      Or, if you'd just like some recipes, try importing epicurious -- I recently tweaked that particular script and it should be working quite well.

    • tom

      tom - 2006-04-22

      Oh -- just noticed what version you're running. For the working epicurious, you'll need to upgrade to 0.11.x


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