GRM in Windows

  • Optix

    Optix - 2005-11-14

    Just started using the software today. Running into a few problems, also have a couple of suggestions.

    1) The shopping list saves, but cannot be opened. I can see the saved file, but there's no way to open it and the software loads a blank list.

    2) The shopping list resets to the top of the list any time something is dragged to the pantry. This is just an annoyance, but it goes against what one would expect of the GUI and so I thought I should report it.

    3) The program crashes apparently at random, mostly during recipe entry. This happens both in Windows ME (yeah yeah, I know, it's my wife's) and Windows XP. This makes problem #1 a bigger hassle :)


    1) I can't find a way to redirect the path. It's probably set in a config file somewhere, I haven't looked. I'd suggest a prompt during installation that lets you choose a data directory (with the default already entered) for those of us who want to put it on an OS-neutral server.

    2) An actual menu pane/window. I'd set it up as a calendar-type display, showing a week at a time with the ability to scroll from one week to the next. It'd be great to be able to drag and drop recipes into a calendar and then select entire days for the shopping list.

    3) PDA support. It's probably way more than anyone wants to do. I just think it'd be great to be able to drop a shopping list into the Windows Mobile PDA I'll be getting next month :)

    • Optix

      Optix - 2005-11-14

      One other thing: shopping lists don't print. The print button and the menu item don't seem to do anything. I can print a recipe card, though.


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