Help! I can't open it at all now!

  • Leanna

    Leanna - 2011-12-15

    Not only am I unable to successfully open the recipe manager, the log file that it directs me to…. I can't find it in the program file! I've run the debug program multiple times to no avail. Any assistance is SO greatly appreciated- I've spent innumerable hours loading recipes on here due to multiple dietary constraints that make cooking and eating more difficult than you can imagine. I'm generally a very calm person, but this definitely is scary for me!

  • enfant_terrible

    enfant_terrible - 2012-01-15

    I can try to help you fix your problem, but I need some more information first. Which operating system and version are you using (Windows - XP, Vista, 7,…? or Linux - Ubuntu 10.04, 11.10,… , Fedora, OpenSUSE?) Which version of Gourmet are you trying to run? Were you using the same version of Gourmet successfully before? Or did you upgrade from an earlier version (which one?)? (Running the debug program will just output information that's meant to be helpful to diagnose the problem rather than actually fixing it.)

    From what you're describing, it sounds like you're trying to run Gourmet 0.15.4-alpha on Windows (Vista or newer).

    If you that is the case, you could do the following to find the root of the problem:
    * Run Gourmet Recipe Manager as Administrator (by right-clicking on the program's icon, and selecting that option - "Run as administrator" or similar, that is.) This should at least successfully generate the logfiles, whose contents you can paste here in this forum thread.
    * You can also launch a Windows Command Prompt (again, As Administrator), type "gourmet", hit enter, and paste the output that appears in that command prompt then.

    Hope we'll find a way to help you!


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