Help needed importing Mastercook recipes

  • Anonymous - 2005-10-13

    Hello, I'm a brand-new user (version and have run into a problem importing recipes from my own Mastercook collection. My personal cookbooks (some originally created using MC 4, but others with MC 7) are all located in a file called "My Collection", but when I select File|Import File and navigate to the "My Collection" folder, I can't see them. Can anyone help please? I'm using WinXP SP2. Thanks!

    • nanotube

      nanotube - 2005-10-14

      first i want to point out that is not the newest version, its now.

      But with regard to your problem... what is the extension on your mastercook files? if it is something freaky, that could prevent gourmet from recognizing them as importable files, and thereby not display them. (i am not sure what the complete list of recognized file extensions is...) so just try renaming one of your files with a .txt extension, and see if it is picked up by gourmet. if it is, try importing it and see if that works. if it is not, we will have to try something else. :)

      • Anonymous - 2005-10-14

        Thank you for your suggestion. I tried renaming one of the Mastercook files as a .txt file, but Gourmet said it couldn't import it. The extension for each cookbook is .mc2, which is, of course, a proprietary format but which Gourmet says it can import. I simply have too many recipes in these cookbooks to be able to retype them all. Thanks for your help.

        • tom

          tom - 2005-10-14

          Ok -- this last step is a separate error -- the failure to import. If you could post the recipes in question or e-mail them to me if they are under a copyright such that you can't post them, I can do some more testing and see what the problem is.

          Gourmet does indeed say it can import mastercook files, so if it's throwing an error, that's a problem! Usually, import errors are more of the type that an ingredient gets interpreted as an instruction or something like that -- complete failure to import is unusual and suggests something funny is happening.


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