Help with command line options (Windows)

  • Evan

    Evan - 2005-07-17

    Nice work with this software -- I like the cross platform availablity as I transition my family from Windows to Linux.  I have successfully set up my Linux boxes to use a common recipe file location using the command line option  --gourmet-directory=blah.  Now I would like to do the same thing on a Windows XP box but I can not figure out the command line syntax.  How do I configure the XP installation of Gourmet Recipe Manager to access a user-specified directory for the recipe database?


    • tom

      tom - 2005-07-24

      I'm believe this currently isn't possible with the windows installer. It obviously would be a useful feature however. Could you submit a feature request for an ability to configure this from the windows version? (If you have a suggestion as to how this should be done, that would be appreciated too -- I don't know what the windows equivalent of a commandline argument would be).

      If you install gourmet from source on Windows, you can use commandline arguments as normal with something along the lines of...

      C:\Python\python.exe C:\Python\Scripts\Gourmet.pyw --gourmet-directory=blah

      However, setting up from source on windows is pretty difficult, so this certainly isn't an ideal solution for you.

      • Evan

        Evan - 2005-07-25

        Thanks  Thomas.  I have entered the feature request.  I'm not sure what the windows equivalent to the linux command line functionality would be.


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