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Import Image Windows XP Gourmet

  • aafraga

    aafraga - 2005-10-03

    I have installed gourmet-
    over an older version of gourmet, which I uninstalled beforehand. Both versions fail to import an image (I have tried .jpg .png and .bmp) when I create a new recipe and click on the add image button. My preferences are set to show images.

    A log file is generated by Gourmet showing:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "gourmet\reccard.pyo", line 1630, in set_from_fileCB
      File "gourmet\reccard.pyo", line 1623, in set_from_file
      File "Image.pyo", line 1745, in open
    IOError: cannot identify image file
    sys:1: GtkWarning: gtk_accel_group_disconnect: assertion `GTK_IS_ACCEL_GROUP (accel_group)' failed

    Appart from that, it is a very neat application. Please help as I would like to install this for my sister in law who is a chef.
    Many thanks and kind regards,

    • nanotube

      nanotube - 2005-10-06

      I have replicated this bug... so the good news is that you are not the only one experiencing it. The bad new is... well, it will have to get fixed. :) I will look into it, hopefully soon.
      Thanks for the report :). I will post it to the bugs tracker so that it is not forgotten.

    • Vincent

      Vincent - 2006-05-26

      Is there some news about this problem?
      8 months later, it is still impossible to add an image with Gourmet and winXP.

      • tom

        tom - 2006-05-26

        Yeah -- the hope is to abandon and move everyone over to what's currently called "unstable." After that, I will likely abandon the 2-branch system and really just keep everyone on the development branch. Gourmet is developed purely as a hobby, and at the moment there's only one devel (me), and I don't use Windows, so it's really too difficult to maintain two branches of Windows at the moment... at least that's my take. Obviously if someone comes along wanting to submit patches to the old branch to fix it, that would be great.


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