State of the Windows version

  • enfant_terrible

    enfant_terrible - 2012-02-05

    I'm sort of the maintainer of Gourmet's Windows version, and I would love to release a new Windows version any time soon, but "freezing" python files (i.e. bundling them and their dependencies for distribution) is not quite trivial (I have been working on this issue on and off in the last couple of months - for more details, see the bottom of this post. )

    It should however be possible to just run Gourmet in Windows by installing the dependencies and Gourmet sources manually, as described on
    (I've just updated these instructions and tried to keep them as understandable as I could, but you should probably only do that if it doesn't sound completely foreign to you.)

    There are still some limitations, though, as not all dependencies are currently available for windows (GtkSpellcheck, Python-Poppler, etc.); but the basic features should work. If you run into any issues, report them in this thread - but please be patient if your request doesn't get answered immediately!

    As for my bundling efforts, unitl recently, py2exe was used for freezing, but as I couldn't get around some problems, I'm now trying out pyinstaller. Unfortunately, I'm also stuck with the latter currently - see ). I'd be very grateful for any help figuring this out so we can finally have a full-fledged Windows version again!

  • Christina

    Christina - 2012-03-19

    I would like to help test things if I can.  Unfortunately I am not a programmer.  I feel like I have moderate knowledge of computers…

    I am just wondering if there is a way to turn on the nutritional information module.  I keep getting this error about gourmetthreads.  I went to the program files, and could find nothing entitled 'gourmetthreads'…

    I really want to use this program, it is streamlined, simple, straightforward, and awesome, but I really need the nutritional info to work, even if all it gives me is the carb count!

  • Tammy Smith

    Tammy Smith - 2012-08-28

    Are you still working on a windows version?  I have Vista. I have installed it, but it won't open up, it says c:\Program Files\Gourmet.exe,log. Don't know what to do with that? I've been trying to do the installation & opening up the program for two hours now.  What can I do? If you can email me at that would be great.
    Thank you,


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