Additional Import Format Support

  • Ed Philpott

    Ed Philpott - 2008-05-19

    I recently installed the Gourmet Recipe Manager program on my Vista PC and have started adding my recipe collection. Some of my files are in TXT format and import fine. Most of my recipes are in MS DOC format and it will be a major job to convert them one by one to TXT format. Since Open Office can read DOC files then the format of DOC must be known to the Open Source community. Is it possible or probable to add import support for DOC files? Alternately, is there a program that will batch convert DOC files to either TXT or RTF format? Also, since I am a programmer (retired) where can I find the format for DOC files. Perhaps I could write a program to do the conversion.
    Ed Philpott, Ottawa, Canada

    • Ben L

      Ben L - 2008-05-19

      You might want to try, it's a library, and that link goes directly to some DOC to x conversions.

  • Daydreamer1504

    Daydreamer1504 - 2011-11-07

    Hi Folks,

    at first my compliments for Gourmet. It's a good program with a lot of potential!!!
    But notheless I miss some features, and so I start right here with the recipe formats. Why??? Because they are the most important feature for me. It seems to me that Gourmet is american, am I right??? So, obviously I'm missing the european formats,. Esspicially the german ones like Rezkonv and CookML. You may say that they're not that much important, because there are other formats like Mealmaster. And you know what? In parts you're right. But on the other hand, until now I found only two Linuxbased Recipemanagers that stisfy me. And five at all. So I guess it's not the worst idea to offer mor import/export formats with the Plug-In Interface. From there on the User desides for himself. And to take it practical, why should I throw away my recipe collection instead of importing it??? And why should you make yourself the work to create german recipeformats when they already are existing???

    Would like to know what you think about it. And if you could need a contribution in that way, I would be glad …

  • Torsten Herrmann

    There is a in my version (0.15.9). How is this used? When I do an import, I cannot select an import format 'RezKonv'. Isn't it still ready?


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