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  • maxxess

    maxxess - 2010-03-29

    I filed a feature request for $subject. It got closed quick enough and now I can not comment on the closed thread
    (Simple category conversion - ID: 2977468)

    Here goes my problem. I have many recipes imported from Meal Master which supports many categorys (of which one is primary).
    I have recipes where I want to change ONE category. If I use the batch util Gourmet it will overwrite all previous categorys, I can not replace a single category it seems.

    I have no idea how Gourmet stores data internally (if category is a single string or many fields (hopefully)) but my request was to change a single category easily. Is this possible?


    How can I replace a category but not replace another?
    We are talking about almost 2000 recipes from my old MealMaster that I want to redo so much manual work will probably noy work.

  • Richard Beels

    Richard Beels - 2010-03-30

    Interesting, that is a bit different than your original query.

    Gourmet's database is an SQL Lite database.  Probably the easiest way to view the db directly is sqllite manager  plugin for firefox.  if you don't use firefox, sql squirrel is a pretty easy sql client.  the file is located in c:\documents and settings\<username>\application data\gourmet and is named recipes.db. 

    i just did a quick look and category is stored in a separate table - instead of a field in the recipe table.  I just hand-edited the category db to add another category to a recipe (increment the id value as this is the key for the table) and when you open the recipe in gourmet, it  shows "Category: one, two" so it looks like gourmet supports multiple categories in ternally but it's the GUI that's lacking  I haven't imported recipes with multiple categories so I don't know how Gourmet handles that but presume that if they show up as comma-delimited in the interface they're stored as separate entries in the category table (otherwise, why have the separate table?).

    I think the quickest/easiest way to make a mass change like you want will be to export the recipes, delete the recipes, search & replace them in a text editor and then import them back.into Gourmet.  Or use MM to do the edits and to the re-import afterwards.

    Hopefully, thomas will jump in with an official statement to clarify/correct my pokings around…

  • Richard Beels

    Richard Beels - 2010-03-30

    of course, i just had to play with this a little more…

    1. if you enter categories separated by commas, you get multiple categories in the DB correctly.  One thing that doesn't work is that the auto-fill works only for the first category.

  • tom

    tom - 2010-04-01

    The "Field Editor" plugin does what you want - it has a sophisticated interface for mass updates of various kinds, including the one you want. Once you activate the plugin (under "Settings->Plugins->Tools") it will show up under the Tools menu.

  • maxxess

    maxxess - 2010-04-02

    Sweet!I! Really excellent. This program continues to surprise me ;-)
    There is great stuff under the hood in GRM.

    I can see I can edit "keys" as well  would there be a way to convert say all measurement from american "tsp" to swedish "tsk"?
    Without selecting recipes of 100 at the time?
    I am really not sure how to operate "Ingredient Key Editor", doing some testing now.

    I am very happy for

  • maxxess

    maxxess - 2010-04-10

    I've been using the "Field Editor" on quite a few recipies with great success. It works great for older recipies but I noticed that when I type in new recipies name completion only works for the first category (as beelsr stated before). Often I forget to use a capital letter in the next following category. This will create a new category, even if the category already exist but starts with a capital letter.

    For example:
    Asian, meat
    Asian, Meat
    have different categories, "meat" and "Meat"

    When searching, category seems to be case independent, so why have case dependency when entering recipies?
    Would be nice if name completion worked after the second category as well :-) I would never have noticed this if that was the case.

    Also there are more cases when category conversion fail du to case. When using national characters conversion does not apply. For example category "örter" can not be converted to "Örter" even though field editor states it will change a number of recipies nothing gets updated.


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