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GraXML provides 3D View to Atlantis

New version of GraXML (3.2.0) brings interoperability between GraXML and Atlantis (Atlas 2D Event Display). More details are available from following page:

Posted by Julius Hrivnac 2008-05-05

WebStart has moved

Posted by Julius Hrivnac 2007-09-26

GraXML is available via Java WebStart

Just go to
If your browser is well configured, GraXML will
start immediately. Otherwise use following command
on donwloaded file:
javaws GraXML.jnlp

WebStart should work on Linux, MS and Solaris;
it has been tested on Linux.


Posted by Julius Hrivnac 2006-01-17

HEP3D added

Foundation Java3D library has been added to GraXML

Posted by Julius Hrivnac 2005-09-05

Consistent set of packages released

I've released a consistent set of packages:
GraXML 3.1.9, GDML 0.5.2, AGDD 0.6.0 and JiveEvent 0.1.2.

Posted by Julius Hrivnac 2005-04-07

Recent releases of GraXML uploaded

Releases 3.1.1-3.1.8 of GraXML have been uploaded.

Posted by Julius Hrivnac 2005-03-31