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GraPHPite version 1.2.1 Maintenance Release posted

A maintenance release of GraPHPite version 1.2 has been posted, with bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Users are encouraged to use this version and/or begin conversion to the new forthcoming Image_Graph package of PEAR.

Posted by Jesper Veggerby 2004-11-12

Image_Graph 0.3.0dev1 has been released at PEAR

The announced merger between GraPHPite and the 'old' Image_Graph package at PEAR has now resulted in a first development release. This new package (inheriting the name Image_Graph) can be found at

Image_Graph is GraPHPite's successor which means that GraPHPite 1.2 is the final GraPHPite release, BUT it will for some time now be kept in maintenance mode, meaning that bug fixes (and minor enhancements) will be made on the GraPHPite source.... read more

Posted by Jesper Veggerby 2004-10-28

GraPHPite version 1.2 released

GraPHPite version 1.2 has been released. This release contains a major change to the structure. This unfortunately makes this version not backwards compatible with earlier versions. The change is caused by the PEAR integration process, which requires the use of PEAR coding standards and naming schemes. While being a change to the existing GraPHPite code it is a structurally improvement nonetheless and I hope this step will be approved by existing users.... read more

Posted by Jesper Veggerby 2004-09-15

GraPHPite 1.1 tested sucessfully on PHP 5.0.1

Today GraPHPite was tested under PHP 5.0.1, the result was: a big success. GraPHPite worked as was expected, except for 1 minor "misbehaviour" - it seems the FillArray uses the first added fillstyle twice. This is however not deemed as a show stopper for declaring PHP5 support, and it is definitely expected to be solved in version 1.2.

Full PHP5 support, i.e. with the new better OO features available under PHP5 has not been planned yet, since it would render PHP4 support broken.

Posted by Jesper Veggerby 2004-08-25

GraPHPite version 1.1 released

Version 1.1 has been released. Mentionable changes to this version is:

* Added support for legends in PlotTypeMultipleData (i.e. StackedBarChart, StackedAreaChart and StackedBarChart100Pct)
* Added step-, impulse-, horizontal bar- and dot chart (dot chart is marker only chart)
* Added AxisSequential for using a non-numerical axis (i.e x-values \'1st quarter\', \'2nd quarter\', etc.) for use "instead" of a ArrayData preprocessor for labelling
* Added setLineColor, setFillColor, setBackgroundColor and setBorderColor to allow settting colors directly using RGB values instead of Color objects
* Added PlotAreaMap to allow for map charts
* Added FloodFillMarker and PercentageCircleMarker
* Changed CircleMarker to use polygon instead of arc, to allow (proper) non-solid filling
* Fixed Title to work when used in a Layout
* Added a secondary Marker to the Marker class to allow for multiple/"nested" markers
* Added global variable DEFAULT_VERTICAL_FONT (which is an instance of VerticalFont)
* Added PlotAreaLayout - a standard layout with plot- and axis- titles (using DEFAULT_FONT!)
* Added showShadow to GraPHPElement to allow any element to be able to show shadows! Note however it may not always look good
* "Re"-fixed bug #989601 - Pixel oddities
* Changed Documentation to NOT include source code - to reduce documentation size (approx 2Mb) ... read more

Posted by Jesper Veggerby 2004-08-16

CVS for GraPHPite now available at SourceForge

As of today (starting from version 1.0) the GraPHPite project now uses the CVS service available from SourceForge. This means that users are able to update more frequently (although they are non-stable - meaning non-guaranteed-stable versions).

To access the anonymous CVS see the CVS page - the module name is graphpite.

Posted by Jesper Veggerby 2004-07-26

GraPHPite declared stable - version 1.0 Released

The day has dawned where GraPHPite has been declared stable. Version 1.0 har been released. Mentionable changes to this version is:

* Added spider/radar charts
* Added AverageMarker
* Added LineArray and MarkerArray similar to FillArray
* Changed include file structure - every class in its own file (Java style)
* Fixed so that GraPHPite works with error_reporting using E_NOTICE
* Changed PieCharts to use polygon instead of arc, to allow (proper) non-solid filling
* Fixed bug #982634 - GradientFill on BarChart broken in 0.9e?
* Fixed bug #989601 - Pixel oddities
* Legends with GradientFill or ImageFill now shows correctly (FillArray shows the "next in line") ... read more

Posted by Jesper Veggerby 2004-07-26

GraPHPite 0.9e Released - Last beta release

The last scheduled beta release of GraPHPite is now available on SourceForge.

If there are no serious show-stoppers, the next release will be the first production/stable release and will be named version 1.0, versioning will the done as version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc. for major releases, and minor/bug releases will be 1.0.1, 1.0.2, etc. News in this release:

* Stacked area charts
* Added VerticalFont, fx for simple vertical printing of X-axis labels
* Bug fixes
* Minor structural changes - does not have any effect on usage ... read more

Posted by Jesper Veggerby 2004-06-29

GraPHPite exiting beta phase

The next release of GraPHPite (scheduled for later this week) will be the last alpha/beta-version. This release is scheduled mainly to be a bug fix/minor enhancement.

Posted by Jesper Veggerby 2004-06-28

GraPHPite 0.9d Released

Next release of GraPHPite now available on SourceForge. News in this release:
* Java style layouting of plots
* Added legends
* Minor bug fixes

Posted by Jesper Veggerby 2004-06-25

GraPHPite 0.9c released

Finally an update. After a long pause, an update for GraPHPite has finally seen the light of day. Of significant changes can be mentioned:
* Added pie-charts
* Added stacked/multiple bar charts
* Fixed bugs
* Improved visual appearance

Posted by Jesper Veggerby 2004-06-16

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