Alexander - 2012-08-29

Hello All!

I am a system administrator of some CentOS 5.6 system where we want to replace imagick with gmagick. I installed the freshest package GraphicsMagick.x86_64 (Version  1.3.14) from repositories and the freshest GraphicsMagick-devel.x86_64 and GraphicsMagick-perl.x86_64 which are installed with GraphicsMagick.x86_64 by yum automatically. I installed gmagick 1.1.0RC3 beta by pecl. A developer replaced imagick with gmagick in the configuration of the test application. After that, we got the following error:

Exception information:
Message: alpha transparency not implemented

The developer says that alpha transparency is implemented in gmagick and we need just to tune it to make it work. Can we really tune it to make alpha transparency work or we need to do anything else?

Thank you if you answer.