Graph Drawing with GraphicsMagick Magick++

  • askaquest

    askaquest - 2010-01-08


    I'm trying to generate graphs with Magick++ API however I'm encountering some problems..
    After reading the API documentation and skimming through, Drawable and Image classes,
    there's not much described there…
    Eg. How to set font size (there is DrawableFont class, but only 4 parameters)?  How to draw a line with arrow cap? Is there a way to position a text within an object, not only image? (there is DrawableGravity class but how does it work actually… - since for most of the objects coordinates need to be provided)?
    Perhaps you have already been through this or you know any helpful extra links on Magick++.

    I would be grateful for any help with this.

  • askaquest

    askaquest - 2010-01-08

    I was able to solve some of the problems (many options started working for me when I grouped them together in containers      (eg. std::list<Magick::Drawable>). I've found the option to set the fontsize (DrawablePoint).
    However, I wasn't able so far to find answers to the remaining aforementioned questions..


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