#26 perl attempted to install in system libs despite --prefix

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Hello, I just tried to use "--prefix" and got an
unexpected result. The Perl bits still tried to go in a
system library.

I would have preferred and expected tha that they would
go to:


Without a fix like this,I don't see how non-root users
could install the Perl part of the software.



Now I get to the /bottom/ of this form, I see I'm being
asked to login.
Responses can go to mark@summersault.com if necessary.

--- PerlMagick/Makefile.PL.in.orig Mon Apr 25
12:02:48 2005
+++ PerlMagick/Makefile.PL.in Mon Apr 25 12:05:03 2005
@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@

# Set Perl installation prefix to GraphicsMagick
installation prefix
-# 'PREFIX' => '@prefix@',
+ 'PREFIX' => '@prefix@',

# Include delegate directories in tests
test => { TESTS =>


  • Bob Friesenhahn

    Bob Friesenhahn - 2005-05-18
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix
  • Bob Friesenhahn

    Bob Friesenhahn - 2005-05-18

    Logged In: YES

    The problem is that Perl uses its own build system.
    GraphicsMagick tries to control this build system the best
    that it can, but it is impossible to be completely correct.
    If GraphicsMagick was to override the default install
    directory by default, then the Graphics::Magick extension
    would not work for anyone unless they update their scripts
    to tell perl where to find the extension.
    If you know how to do this, then add
    --with-perl-options=PREFIX=/some/place (as described in
    INSTALL-unix.txt) to install to an alternate location.


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