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Hi all,

I am using Image Magick 6.1.8-3 with JMagick 6.0.4 and
I have a problem handling TIFF Picture with more than 4
Sample per Pixel. Bob Friesenhahn, who happened to
browser the libTiff Mailing list told me that it is a
problem with GraphicMagick/ImageMagick

Here is a quote from the E-Mail he responded to me :
"ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick have a bug. No doubt
about it. Your image uses 7 samples per pixel and IM/GM
are mis-handling the extra samples. Maybe you can use
tiffcp to produce a TIFF containing just 4 samples per
pixel so that ImageMagick loads it more correctly."

As long as he is concerned, GraphicMagick possess the
same bug, and with my experience, ImageMagick do have
it in the same way.

If you want to test your bug-fix, modifications, here
is a sample that expose the problem. It is hosted on my
personnal web site and should be online as long as you
do not cap the bandwidth limit :

Thanks all,

Claude Houle


  • Bob Friesenhahn

    Bob Friesenhahn - 2005-04-01
    • status: open --> closed
  • Bob Friesenhahn

    Bob Friesenhahn - 2005-04-01
    • status: closed --> closed-fixed
  • Bob Friesenhahn

    Bob Friesenhahn - 2005-04-01

    Logged In: YES

    This problem is fixed in the 1.2 development sources. I am
    not sure if it will be ever be fixed in the 1.1 sources
    since the TIFF support has been completely re-written for
    1.2, and the GraphicsMagick core code was altered to better
    support the new TIFF implementation, so there is no way to
    back-port the fix.


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