#15 review layout management design


GF 0.2.0 provides the simple flow-layout manager which
is probably 75% from being feature complete. More
layout managers are needed to address typical
application requirements.

Review the overall design as follows:

- investigate Cells to see whether it makes sense to be
used as the underlying infrastructure, and if any
abstraction should be provided on top; alternatively,
write up a position statement on why GF would not use Cells

- assemble a list of common layout management
strategies with pointers to examples in existing
frameworks (e.g., SWT, Swing, Tk) and determine the
minimum list that would be required for GF 1.0

- construct additional testcases, not only to validate
the design but to test performance


  • Jack D. Unrue

    Jack D. Unrue - 2006-03-25
    • assigned_to: nobody --> junrue
  • Jack D. Unrue

    Jack D. Unrue - 2006-08-19

    Logged In: YES

    I have refactored the layout management code to allow for
    virtual containers, and to allow per-item layout attributes.
    Also, I have decided that layout can be accomplished using
    the current design, therefore I will cross Cells off the
    list of consideration.

    This task is, however, still in progress.


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