Filter has red-with-X icon, is ignored

  • Peter Hosey

    Peter Hosey - 2013-07-16

    I've created a filter to ignore a specific folder in my Home folder, but Grand Perspective seems to ignore the filter and scan the folder anyway. And I've just noticed that GP shows the filter in the active filters list with a red-square-with-white-X icon, but shows other filters with a green-square-with-white-check icon.

    Screenshot of the filters list with description drawer open

    What does this red-X icon mean, and how do I amend this filter so that Grand Perspective will use it?

    (And, for that matter, why isn't GP more vocal about the fact that it won't use a filter that bears this mark?)

  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2013-07-16

    Hi Peter,

    Admittedly, creating filters can be fairly difficult. First of all, here's what the help says about the icons:

    An icon to the left of each test in the filter indicates if the test is inverted or not. A green checkmark indicates that the filter applies to items that pass the test. A red cross indicates that the filter applies to items that do not pass the test. You can toggle between both states by double-clicking on the test. Some tests cannot be toggled, however. This holds for tests for which there is only one sensible state. An example are tests that apply to folders; these tests are always inverted. If they were not, a file would only be shown when all folders in its path (starting from the folder that was scanned) match one or more of these folder-tests. In practice, this will never (or very rarely) be the case, resulting in empty views.

    Given that you want to exclude a certain folder, you actually want this rule to have a red cross, i.e. the filter should pass all items for which this rule is not true.

    So the question becomes why the filter does not work even though the red-X icon is correct. Difficult to say from here, but you used case-sensitive comparison and the entire name should match. This can work, but it's easy to make a mistake. Did you try using case-insensitive comparison, and letting only part of the folder name match?


    • Peter Hosey

      Peter Hosey - 2013-07-17

      No, I didn't. I copied the name of the folder straight from Terminal, so I am 100% sure that the name is complete and in the correct case.

  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2013-07-21

    Okay. Then it's not clear to me what could be wrong. My only suggestion is trial and error to narrow down the problem, e.g. you could see if the problem is specific to this folder by checking if filters for other folder work as expected.


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