Files not revealed in finder

  • Tom Duckwall

    Tom Duckwall - 2013-01-24

    When I select "reveal in finder", it opens a finder window and quickly collapses to reveal not a single file, but the first column in column view. Confused. This only happens with certain groups of files, not all files. It seems to be associated with Mac Mail, and some iTunes files. Please help! I have a 150 GB hard drive on my mid09 Macbook Pro and there are some 100GB of files that I can't seem to identify and filter out.....

  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2013-02-24

    Hi Tom,

    I do not know why that is. It is not something that I have ever experienced. Did you manually try to navigate to one of these files in Finder? If so, does that work?



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