#21 command-option-s doesn't work


v 1.3.0: If I click (is it) Edit>Rescan my volume is rescanned, but if I try the key combo, i.e. command-option-s, nothing happens.


  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2010-01-19

    Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce the bug. Obviously, for Rescan to work you need to have a view open, but I assume that this is what you tried.

    So, could you give me more info? E.g. what OS are you using? Do other keyboards shortcuts (e.g. Scan or Preferences) still work, or also not? What are the minimal steps to reproduce the problem? Does the shortcut never work, or only in certain circumstances? Does the shortcut work in the previous version of GrandPerspective (1.1.0)?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Thanks for taking up the gauntlet...

    1. I select a volume and hit "Scan;" then, with the results window untouched, I hit command-option-S, and nothing happens.

    If I click on GrandPerspective>Menu Bar>File>Re-scan the volume is re-scanned.

    1. Early 2009 White MacBook/2.0GHz Core 2 Duo/4Gb RAM/OS X 10.5.7 (Build 9J61)

    2. Command-S and command-, work just fine.

    3. I have not gotten the shortcut to work under any circumstances.

    4. I have not got v. 1.1.0 to test with.



  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2010-02-14

    I am still not sure what is up. Maybe you could try checking your Keyboard Shortcuts settings (System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse)? Just guessing, but maybe this shortcut is associated with another action? You might also try explictly setting the keyboard shortcut for Rescan in GrandPerspective there. First set it to Cmd-Option-S, to see if that has an effect. Or if that does not work, try changing it to something else, e.g. Cmd-Shift-S, to see if that works instead. See also http://guides.macrumors.com/Changing_Keyboard_Shortcuts

    I'd be curious to know what results you get. This may help us to home into the problem.

  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2016-06-12
    • status: open --> wont-fix
    • Group: --> unknown
  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2016-06-12

    Closing bug. Unable to reproduce.



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