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GRAMPS 3.0.4 released

GRAMPS 3.0.4 (the "All the children sing" release) is a bug fix release:
Translation updates for ca, de, fr, it, lt, nb, nl, nn, pl, ru, sv
Bug fix #2504: sorting issues with non-English languages
Bug fix #2509: filter string match with non-ASCII characters
Bug fix #2483: DbError handling
Bug fix #2486: drag-and-drop workaround
Bug fix dealing with importing notes from csv
Bug fix #1601: import open error
Bug fix #2518, #2529, and various other fixes for shortcut key confusion
Bug fix #2483, 2520, 2524: change in bdb attributes and methods
Bug fix #2512: python 2.6 support
Bug fix #2485: cannot create new family tree
Bug fix #2507: unhandled exception when pasting invalid string
Bug fix #2503: change to use of md5 module
Bug fix to .desktop file

Posted by St├ęphane Charette 2008-12-07

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