2010/4/28 Nick Wallingford <nickw@beekeeping.co.nz>
I just wanted to identify an issue that I would like to tackle over the
next few days/week, so that any inconvenience related to my work will
be, at least, known to you developers...

Gramps uses the Mantis bug tracker software - for my time with the
project, it has done pretty much what we've expected of it.

Our database, however, has grown to be something like 120MB.  Even when
compressed it still takes up something like 60MB.  I have a pretty
rigorous backup routine in place that does a nightly backup, then weekly
and monthly.  So I'd *really* like to reduce that database size - not
only for the backups, but just because it is a pain to work with, and it
makes me generally nervous.

It turns out that about 100MB of that 120MB relates to files stored
inside the database.  Mantis gives two options: store screenshots, etc,
in the database, or store them as files on the disk.  We (the royal we,
or really whoever was running the site at the time!) to go with
database.  I'd now like to change that to file-based.  That would (1)
reduce backup size considerably and (2) give us a more workable database.

So I have some pretty good guidance on how to go about doing this, but
it may mean I'll need to take the bug tracker offline for some period of
time to be able to sort it out.

When I can find a spare time window in the next few days, I'll have a go
at it.  I'll give as much notice to this list as I can, and do the work
as quickly as I can.  And I'll let you all know how it went!

Ok, this seems like a good idea to me.



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