2010/4/25 Stéphane Charette <stephanecharette@gmail.com>
2010/4/22 Jason Simanek <jsimanek@gmail.com>:
> All that you need to do is log in to the new site
> 1  go to 'Posts'
> 2  click 'Add New'
> 3  associate the post with the categories 'Gramps Releases' and 'News'

I'm confused by these instructions.  I don't see a section called
"Posts", nor a way to add new news items.  Maybe this is a permission
issue?  When I go to the Blog tab, I can leave a comment to an
existing post, or logout, but I see no way to add a new item.

I made you admin in wordpress, please try if you can log in ok now.
Bottom line of the main site has a login link.



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