2010/5/1 Nick Wallingford <nickw@beekeeping.co.nz>
I'm pretty sure that an upgrade in the PHP version on our hosting
service has been responsible for the irregularities.

I've now managed to work around most of it, but will need to keep a
close eye on things - please let me know of anything you spot that isn't
working as it ought.

Only thing I've got problems with right now is the original blog, at
http://www.gramps-project.org/blog - though it is rendering, it doesn't
pick up its stylesheet info *at all*.

But I've got to now ask - do we want/need to keep that?  All of the blog
postings from it are now in the new site that Jason created.  I see it
as entirely redundant???  It is accessed from a tab on the new site, but
as I say, it isn't going to any material that is not already visible in
the new site...

Yes, deactivate the no longer needed site.



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