2010/4/27 doug <dougrb@o2.co.uk>
On 26/04/10 15:00, Doug Blank wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> It might be that those instructions are a little out of date with the
> new Gramps 3.2; I'll check those out.
> You don't have to install a Gramplet that you write... all that
> installing does is put it into the code into the
> ~/.gramps/gramps32/plugins subdirectory.
> Ah yes, there was an error in the wiki, now fixed: change the .gpr.py
> file with the "gramplet = " line to this:
> gramplet = "init",
> If you encounter anything else that doesn't work, please let us know.
> I'll go through that tutorial again when I get a chance.
> -Doug B.

Thanks, Doug.
I've made that change but Hello World still isn't picked up
(and won't install).
I'm using the Hello World, with Class.
gramp 3.2.0-1 -  sorry, not 3.2.1 as I said earlier.

If you do not see your plugin in the plugin manager, it means you have an error in the gpr.py file to register the plugin. As the gpr.py file is run, just add a print in there at begin and end to see if it starts and ends nicely.

To see the reload button, you need to run gramps as a developer, so don't run /usr/bin/gramps, but instead run gramps on a terminal via the command

python path_to_gramps/gramps.py

eg on my computer

python /usr/share/gramps/gramps.py

You will see the print messages passing by there. Also, subscribe to the devel list, and post your devel questions there.



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