2010/4/23 Stephen George <steve_geo@optusnet.com.au>

Just to clarify what I think I understand.

On 23/04/2010 5:08 PM, Benny Malengier wrote:
I already reverted the change in branch32, so that should be ok at the moment.

James said he will use the branch32 version of nar web for Debian, not the one in the 3.2.1 package, other packagers might do the same. In that case, those users will not be hit by the issue. If Stephen does the same for the windows installer, then that is covered too.

So, I think we should ship a 3.2.2 quite quickly, but I don't think it must be this week.
I'll make a 3.2.3 in the bugtracker now, so we can set up the roadmap.


Create 3.2.1 release, however change the files :

that live in [GRAMPS_SVN]\src\plugins\webreport

with the ones from the head of the 3.2 branch.

So in effect it will be a patched release. Is that correct?

Yes, if you do it not that way, you will get a lot complaints as nar web/web cal in 3.2.1 package does not work with python 2.5 which windows still uses last time I saw it mentioned


Then by the sound of it 3.2.2 will ship in about a week or so time?