2010/4/23 Stéphane Charette <stephanecharette@gmail.com>
>> Create 3.2.1 release, however change the files :
>> NarrativeWeb.py
>> WebCal.py
>> that live in [GRAMPS_SVN]\src\plugins\webreport
>> with the ones from the head of the 3.2 branch.
>> So in effect it will be a patched release. Is that correct?
> Yes, if you do it not that way, you will get a lot complaints as nar web/web
> cal in 3.2.1 package does not work with python 2.5 which windows still uses
> last time I saw it mentioned

I think that is a bad idea.  Now we'll have some packages with 3.2.1
that are actually almost like 3.2.2, some from 3.2.1 that are broken
(I'll remove the .deb files from SourceForge now that I think about
it), etc...

Let's not mess with version numbers and create a maintenance nightmare
for ourselves going forward.  I'd rather see us pull the 3.2.1 files
from SourceForge, and I'll get the 3.2.2 release done overnight if
need be.  Thoughts?

For Stephen with the windows install, he needs to decide to or not make an install file for 3.2.1, or to apply a patch before making the package (as doing the 3.2.1 will only result in many support requests with nar web). It is actually quite common in OSS that the version of a distro is a version of a pacakge + distro packages.
If you can do 3.2.2 this weekend, then packages can indeed just skip 3.2.1, which is probably best.