2010/4/19 Russell Anderson <russell.y.anderson@gmail.com>
Is there an archive that I can review? I don't want to ask an obvious question.

I downloaded Gramps a few months ago and now I want to upgrade to the latest version to run on my MacBook Pro. Is there no compiled file for the Mac? Do I have to run the Makefile? Apparently I have to uninstall before I can install the new version? Is that correct? It talks about having the files in the correct location, but I am a little lost. For now my new files are in my "Downloads/gramps-3.2.0" directory. Can I just type
make uninstall

No. Gramps does not rely on make except for copying data. make uninstall will not do what you want, because it is meant to uninstall the present version, not the previous one, leading to bad results.

To create the application in the Applications folder?? I don't have time to fail, I need to finish some tests before next week. I will just keep using the old version, rather than mess it up.

That is the safest.
The macports/fink based version is working for 3.2 for some users. The native version should work (and is prettier to look at), but somebody should update the packages. I have no mac, so I have no idea if things 'just work'.
Best is to read carefully http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Installation#Mac_OS_X then choose one of the options. Update the wiki if problems.

Probably guylinton can offer more help if needed.



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