2010/4/29 David Grajal <dgrabla@gmail.com>

I have a problem importing a really old family tree with the current
Gramps version. I got the following error:

The .gramps file you are importing was made by version 1.0.11-1 of
GRAMPS while you are running a more recent version 3.1.2-1. The file
will not be imported, please use an older version of GRAMPSthat
supports version 0.0.0 of the XML.

I checked on the wiki (XML GRAMPS page) and this behavior is expected.
Is planned to add support for really old XML files on new version of
GRAMPS? If not, what is the easier way to upgrade my family to an XML
that current versions of GRAMPS can open?

The orginal Gramps creators are not around, and there is nowhere a definition of how this old xml looks like.
So, if you have a lot of data there you want to convert, you should:

1/obtain the old linux genealogy live cd version 1.0 http://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/linux/gramps/
2/run it, and use it to convert the old gramps  to a new one you then store on usb. The xml of Gramps 2.0 or 2.2 will import in Gramps 3.2

1/install virtualbox
2/install or obtain one of the images of a linux distribution of end 2005, begin 2006
3/install gramps inside of it via our old sourceforge packages
4/convert the old xml to one of the official documented one.

The above is actually so easy that I don't think any developer will try to write a converter for the non-documented xml formats


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