Good day,

I backed up my genealogical files (Gramps 2.2.8  I believe) to an external USB hard drive on my Fedora 6 system.  I then proceeded to perform a clean install of Fedora 7.  I then installed the Gramps from the Fedora 7 repository.  Copied my files back to their original location in my user space.  Where upon I attempted to open the database with the Gramps 2.2.6 (I believe).  Gramps reported that it could not open my database because it was and unexpected file type or format.  So I obtained the most recent stable version of Gramps from sourceforge, installed it and tried again with the same results.

Any help out there?  I just did a bunch of updates to the database a few weeks ago and really would rather not have to  go backe to an old backup copy.  Any help would be most appreciated.