It sounds like you've created the children twice rather than adding existing children to another family.  I *believe* this is the only way they would show up twice.

I see that you've mentioned the difference between the birth and stepchild relationship, but did you actually specify the relationship of the children to the parents this way in GRAMPS?

Another way to look at this, is that since we are speaking about genealogy, and since there is really no family bloodline connection from child to step parent, so I'm not sure if showing this connection in a genealogy program, other than telling a bit of their life stories.


From: Jim Hunt <robertjhunt@ntlworld.com>
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Subject: [Gramps-users] Correct structure for stepchildren?

I guess this is actually a question of correct genealogy practice but I
am hitting it in gramps so am taking the opportunity of asking here -

Man has first marriage and three children from it, then second marriage
and further children. In gramps terms this seemed to me to be two
families -
M + W1 + C1 + C2 + C3
and M + W2 + C1 + C2 + C3 + C4 etc

The differences between the old & new children are in their
relationships to the parents, being (Birth, Birth) or (Birth, Stepchild)

The problem is that C1, C2, C3 now appear twice in Man's descendants
lists without any indication that they are the same person but with
different status. The two displays in which I have seen this are in the
Descendants Tree graphical report and in the pop-up choice list when
navigating downstream in the on-screen Pedigree display.

This seems awkward, is there a better way of implementing the


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