On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 8:32 AM, Duncan Lithgow <duncan.lithgow@gmail.com> wrote:
Hold on guys, fun as this line of thought is the problem is that
GRAMPS does accept '0000' as a year, so we use it for unknown parts of
a date. Try for example 'from 1976 to 0000' - it works fine. So the
issue is do we always accept '0' as a valid date entry or do we make a
new way of entering unknown parts of dates.

I believe the issue is that year 0 has a special meaning in GRAMPS (meaning: this is an empty date). It just happens to do something when you have the second date as year 0. In my opinion, all uses of year 0 should give an error. You should use the well-defined "before 1968" which has support in GEDCOM and extra support in GRAMPS. For example, you can do some nice estimates of date differences. For example, GRAMPS can compute an approximate age of someone born "before 1838" and who died "after 1867". Your attempt to hack the dates breaks this, and other things.




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