On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 8:34 AM, Gary Burton <bury_lancs@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

>related to some of the other discussions I've been on I've noticed that there are tools which can create an executible for linux like py2exe does for windows. the >main advantage would be more control over the installed dependencies stack. Probably not required with linux's package managers but it's just a thought. what >are other peoples thoughts on that idea?

Like you say - it's not required on Linux because managing package dependencies is the role of the package managers. Rolling up an application and all it's dependencies into a single executable, if that is what you are suggesting, just leads to an unnecessarily bloated system.

In my experience dealing with bug reports, dependency and installation issues come from a couple of sources.

1) Windows users, where no package management exists (as far as I know).
2) People that have installed from source or SVN and not got things right.

In either case typically the user has the wrong version dependency, i.e. having an old GTK installed, or has gone and installed a new GRAMPS version over an existing one without removing the old version first. The onus is on the user to know what they are doing if they choose to run from source, but on Linux they always have the option of waiting for a new version to come through their package manager. I guess Windows users don't have that luxury, though they can always choose to upgrade to Linux :), so producing a single executable with dependencies included is a solution of sorts to the lack of a package manager.

The average Linux user who installs/upgrades from their distribution's repositories via their package manager should not experience any version or dependency problems.

I agree with Gary, except in one particular case: on the eeepc (and similar computers). If this self-contained gramps could run in that kind of environment (where gramps's dependencies differ from the installed versions, and wouldn't effect the whole system) then that would be somewhat useful. (I tried to update my eeepc so to run GRAMPS 3.1, but then some of the special hardware  (camera, wireless) stopped working). GRAMPS 3.1 has some nice changes to allow smaller windows.

But if this was more than trivial to do, it probably isn't worth the effort---there are many other things to do. And, I'd probably want a way to get updated .py files, too, and even do development on the eeepc. Would it be possible to upgrade the .py files in such a binary?




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