On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 1:47 PM, Aaron R. Short <fuzzyfonzy@yahoo.com> wrote:
well after replying I did a few quick googles to check on how appropriate site-packages was for applications...
I couldn't find anything that directly weighed in on it but from what I could glean it did appear that site-packages is intended for libraries. ie code that would be reused by more than one other application. Not necessarily end applications themselves. but I could be reading the terminology wrong. It's my understanding that an application doesn't necessarily have to be a package but perhaps python docs interchange them a little loosly.
I also noticed that multiple times comments were made to not use setuptools and that it just introduces it's own headaches. This was repeated in multiple comments on multiple articles. I haven't used setuptools myself it's just what I read.
-- AaronS


You are right, but we are also thinking about the library parts of GRAMPS. There may be parts that could be shared, especially after we get a nice separation between backend and frontend. In any event, this will come later, if it comes at all.


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hmm. well still doesn't seem right to me but what do I know. wxglade i'm noticing is a dev tool. is site-packages really a standard install dir for user apps? Perhaps wxglade installs there because it might also be used as a libary and imported into different python apps?

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2009/4/14 Aaron R. Short <fuzzyfonzy@yahoo.com>
That sounds funny. gramps is an app not a library. Though I'm new to python it seemed that site-packages was for libraries. I don't know how it works on linux / python but windows doesn't normally put apps in a compilers directory tree.

Python does, eg:

 python /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/wxglade/wxglade.py

starts the wxglade app.


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