On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 9:44 AM, Brian Matherly <brian@gramps-project.org> wrote:

> Benny,
> I agree with everything you say. Here is a short term
> solution for 3.1:
> 1) Add a path to a gramplet's name: "Python
> Gramplet" becomes "System/Python
> Gramplet" (or something) which gets turned into a
> series of pulldown menus:

Hack alert! Let's build a clear interface with an enumerated list of possible categories that the gramplet author can choose from. The category type should get passed into the register function.

Just a difference of paths to getting where we want to be. My suggestion is to make it easy to explore these categorizations before we settle on what they should be. It seems to work for filenames and directories...

> System
>    Python Gramplet
> Data Entry
> Relationships
> Misc
> We can see how a particular set of groupings work and
> adjust. I prefer
> functional categories, with alphabetical inside those.
> 2) Write a tool frame for holding a gramplet. That should
> be trivial. I
> agree, it should be a gramplet OR a tool, not both.

Seriously? We can already undock gramplets and have them float around. Why must there be more than one way to do things.

If something should be a tool, make it a tool. If something should be a gramplet, make it a gramplet.

There are already examples of redundancy. We currently have a "Descendants Browser" tool and a "Descendant" Gramplet which, as far as I can tell, are exactly the same.

Between the quick views, gramplets, and tools, I feel like Gramps is starting to look like a hacked together application with no common user paradigm. This is why I would like to see us take some of the quickviews and tools and turn them into Gramplets.

Brian, I think you are reading this the wrong way. What Benny and I are suggesting is to reuse the Gramplet *architecture* for Tools. That's all. Then the things that are best seen as tools can be easily moved there. Once it is a tool, it would look and act like a tool.

 GRAMPS is changing and evolving, and it has a ways to go to be a perfect UI, but that will always be true. You don't sound very happy about the state of GRAMPS...

> As to the number of Gramplets, I'm reminded of plugins
> for projects like
> Wordpress. There must be hundreds, and even plugins that
> manage plugins. I
> agree that the "paradox of choice" can leave
> users overwhelmed. But I see a
> vast future of functionality that we are just now beginning
> to tap...

A clever idea here would be allow users to enable and disable plugins from the plugin status window. I can think of about two dozen that I would disable.

I suspect that we all have our favorite plugins. I'd be hesitant to hide them too much, as I'm constantly discovering new uses for those that I've seldom used before. I'm constantly surprised at what I find in GRAMPS.