On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 11:59 AM, Doug <doug_bainbridge@onetel.com> wrote:
As an offshoot of this topic, there are other occasions when it would be
very useful to be able to carry out batch editing in gramps on certain
parts of the database.
I'm thinking of something similar to Media Manager in
"Tools=>Utilities=>Media Manager=>replace substrings in the path",
allowing one to edit event descriptions, as an example.
Would it be unreasonable to request this as a feature?


Reasonableness was never a prerequisite for Feature Requests :) Seriously though, Feature Requests sometimes request things that are impossible or crazy, but a developer might see how to solve the problem through another means.

There is a precedent in the current code for the idea: the Spreadsheet Import./Export can be used to do batch updates, but only on a limited set of data. Perhaps the right solution is a better merge facility. See: