2010/3/28 Zack <zack.luganighetta@gmail.com>

Dear all,

I have some questions related to sources:
when defining a person, a family, or a child (into the family form), it
is also possible to indicate the source of that information.
Differently from the sources given for events (e.g., a birth), I can't
find a report that shows a person, family, or a child information source
(for birth, death, etc., the complete individual report can include the
information sources).

Is there a report that can include a person, family, or a child
information source? (i.e., that shows, e.g., where the information about
the relationship between parent and a child was found).

Reports are very much written by people to achieve a result they want. Unfortunately, there are probably as many desired outputs as there are users of Gramps.
What you mention would be a usefull addition in a report. The detailed reports are however already packed with options, it is becoming difficult for users to understand all options.

It is also a problem of brevity. If you want all your information, then one should use Gramps, not a report. If one wants a lot of information for on the road that is easy to navigate, use the website export with all options ticked. If you want a detailed descendant overview, then use the report of that name.
Should the last however contain source info of people ...?
I think these sources would be best added to the Complete individual report (which you can run for a group of people via filters).
Please, do a feature request for that on the bug tracker.
Is there a way to include into the CVS export all the sources (and the
information obtained from them)?

No, CSV (which you mean I suppose, via export view), is a  way to dump the listviews to a file, nothing more.




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