2009/12/27 Martin Lukeš <martin.meridius@gmail.com>
Hi guys!
First, I'd like to send a HUGE "THANK YOU!!!" to developers. It's great that this project is SO alive!

I'm new to GRAMPS, but I have a few ideas how to improve it.
- add geni.com-"standard"-like view which will allow to display the whole family forest (more connected trees) including siblings and more spouses/wives.

Version 3.2 will allow views to be written as plugins, so such ideas can be tried out more easily. Programming it is unfortunately not easy, and some people see this more as prettying up things without new functionality
  - I know that I can generate pedigree, but it's not interactive and scrolling left and right is really pain!

Yes, on more modern PC's this would all be possible. Me, I have problems selecting a region on a picture in gramps because my video card is too old.
- add support for -ová for females' surnames by this rule on wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_name#Czech_Republic

This is present. Click on the icon next to the name to go to the name editor, then use the group as feature to group ova name with the male name. You can do that for the entire name, or for only an individual. This was added by a Russian programmer.

  - Principe is explained on wiki page above. The main thing is that GRAMPS think that e.g. Novák and Nováková are two different families, but they are not, they are husband and wife.
- allow to display females' names according to this pattern "Name Surname (Maiden name)"
  - I don't know what to say here. It's just for clarity.
- when I select some person, do NOT display it as its sibling in its Relations tab. It's really confusing, especially when he/she have sibling with the same name.

You will get used to it :-)
Feel free to do a feature request on the bug website, but know that this has been discussed before. Personally, I know how it works now, and it does not bother me anymore. The idea is that when you switch between brothers, the sibling list does not change visually. Same name siblings is not really the issue here, as you have them also when looking at another named sibling.
- in Pedigree tab add simple black stripe across corner of someones icon to symbolize that the person is deceased

As said, in 3.2 views are plugins, and some people are working on new pedigree views. One of these has black ribbons, it looks nice. There are however some other bugs, we will see by the 3.2 release date which version becomes the new default pedigree.
- GRAMPS doesn't using "Divorced" status set in Events tab of Family window. Everywhere it showing Married.

Yes, this is annoying. Also annoying is that it is strange to use divorced for people who actually never married.  Do a feature request to change marriage strings when a divorce event is present with no later married event (you can remarry after all).
One of the ideas is to introduce a subtype for event, so that you can indicate married, and then as subtype: catholic, civil, ..., and with divorced the same, while at the same time introducing some new events, like 'Split' for the more present day complicated cases.


I'll be glad if you just consider my wishes. ;)

Thank you in advance

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