You added these files to svn. This is unacceptable!

If you do not understand something, leave it to your peers. Don't go and commit things as long as you do not understand fully the consequences.


2009/5/30 Rob Healey <>
Dear Group:

After last night's upate that Benny wrote about, this is what I have on my screen.

[Frog@OgrEZlaND gramps32]$ svn up
At revision 12596.
[Frog@OgrEZlaND gramps32]$ svn st
?       src/gen/plug/docgen/
?       src/gen/plug/docgen/Makefile
?       src/gen/plug/docbackend/
?       src/gen/plug/docbackend/Makefile
[Frog@OgrEZlaND gramps32]$

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

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