This bug is interesting in that it is no bug :-)
It can lead to undesired effects though, not sure if we should fix it though, it will always have been like that.

What do other developers think:
If you make an eventĀ  or source, ... and add no information to it (just save), but in the eventref/sourceref/ .... you do add information, should the check for empty objects then remove the object (check and repair database), and hence trigger also the remove of the references?

The obvious answer is to cry out no, but it has always been like that in GRAMPS, and checking the references to empty objects before removal of the object is not an easy task.

Perhaps the info dialog of check and repair can list of the empty objects the objects they are referenced from. One can then check in a revision/backup what it is...


2009/5/28 Gary Burton <>

Hello Benny

> Is anybody still working on things for 3.1.2?

It's not on the roadmap yet but I would like to get this bug cleaned up for 3.1.2 as I think it might be the root cause of some of the bugs we have been seeing with broken notes, especially when running Narrative Web.

It would be great if someone can try out the test case attached to the bug and reproduce it for me.



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