2009/5/19 Stéphane Charette <stephanecharette@gmail.com>
> As far as large images part, I would like to merge them into trunk, since I
> am doing the re-write of NarrativeWeb to make it use HTML Class!

The limit file size patch is also a feature for trunk.

To do this, check out trunk again somewhere else, apply the patch, and commit.
Then in your other check out of trunk you do the changes to convert to nar web, do svn up, you will probably get a conflict. So do svn resolve, and put the changes in the correct place.


Merge them into trunk?  Merge from where?

All branches are in maintenance mode.  Only bug fixes are going into 3.1.x.

Unless I'm mistaken, your conversion to the html class should only
take place on trunk.


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