2009/5/17 alan <alan@dcsa.com.au>

Activate the filder sidebar and type in the surname, click search.
With the column editor you can add/remove columns that you see. Standard you have Name, DOB, DOD.
With Family Tree --> export view, you can export the view (a csv file), which you can then open in eg Excell, Openoffice, ... to print it or send it to the relative. Best don't send csv file most don't know it, just open it and save as excell file to send to other researchers.

Using a custom filter, you can have the view show eg all people with surname Blabla, and all their descendants, ... Really powerfull.


Yes. This will do what I want. Great.

How would anyone have normally found this? Not a criticism - just curious.

Read the manual? Investigate the menu options?

We can make many things probably a lot easier, but in the end, GRAMPS will always have a lot of functionality.