2009/4/24 Peter Landgren <peter.talken@telia.com>


Do you have any idea if it's possible to fix the problem, that started this thread?


If your locale wants V and W to be together, we need to respect that.
So the issue is only that the first letter is shown every time again, no? In other words, the error is in the sort on narrative web and the way the first letter is used for quick jump into the list of names.

That indicates that the procedure that adds these first letters must be made more clever:

1/ If symbols are different but equal in the sort of the locale, consider them as one group. I guess doing sort of va and wb then vb and wa would indicate that v and w are one group, so the logic for a small function is not difficult.

2/ sorting of caps and small caps eg v and V. Is this not locale related too? If not, we should capitalize before sorting. I would assume the locale sort takes this into account however, would have to check