2009/3/18 derHeinzi <heinzbrinker@yahoo.de>

I had to do some evaluation of the data in my database. For this I defined
and used some filters.
Some filters are "intermediate" filters that are not used on their own, but
only used as input for other filters.
Question for discussion: Would it in your opinion make sense to have a
checkbox in the filter definition that can define a filter as "intermediate"
and prevents this filter to be shown in filter selection boxes (e.g. in
people view or reports)?
If you work with filters a lot this might ease the selection of the filters
to apply?
Just an idea.

There are many improvements possible in the filter code. I would like to have the values of filters editable in the filter sidebar, so you can change some parameters without opening filter editor.
Some filter management would also be nice. Instead of an intermediate filter setting as you propose, perhaps a star system for filters (1,2,3,4,5), and then a setting to determine how many stars needed to show in the filter boxes, and ordering in the boxes based on stars, then alphabetical. Would that not be a more versatile/better scaling feature request?